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Guided Imagery and Music

  • Relaxing the body

  • Focusing the attention

  • Listening to the music

  • Exploring the images

  • Integrating the insight

This is the process. While listening to selected music in a relaxed state, expressing the imagery as it comes to mind, you may discover many creative opportunities for self-exploration and healing. The music listening is generally between 5 to 40 minutes in length, with eyes closed or eyes opened, depending on the issue addressed and your individual process. When eyes are opened you are asked to engage in a creative process, which can include, but not be limited to, drawing, writing, or moving.  

The images may be visual in nature, or they may also be emotions, memories, or physical sensations that will be unique to your life journey. A typical session will include an initial discussion to help identify the focus of the session, followed by a guided relaxation, then music listening and imaging, and a closing discussion to bring meaning to your experience and relate it to your life and your relationships.

After experiencing several sessions, you may sense a new and deeper connection to previously untapped dimensions of yourself. Old behaviors may fade and new ways of being may emerge. Six sessions is sometimes enough to experience real change.

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“[Music] reaches beyond personal defenses to the realities and beauties of the person. Music gives access to the discovery of inner strength, uncovers the potential for creativity, and manifests ways in which life can be lived from a center of inner strength.” - Helen Lindquist Bonny